What is Webinar

A business that communicates effectively has the advantage.  Webinars, or web seminars, are an excellent way to connect with employees and clients alike.  But did you know they can also enhance a company’s profitability by saving time, reducing costs, and increasing levels of comprehension among your staff and client base?  Read ahead to learn a few easy-to-implement ways that webinars can boost your business.

Employee Training –

Webinars are a great method of teaching employees how to fulfill basic job requirements.  Current employees can access these webinars to brush up on existing skills or even to expand their skillset.  It also allows new hires to begin training before they even start, decreasing the time and resources dedicated to bringing them up to speed.

CEO’s can Communicate with Employees –

CEOs, COO, and other executive-level individuals will find that webinars are an easy way of communicating business goals to their employees.  It’s perfect for their busy schedules, as it allows them to easily record seminars in their free time and make them available to the entire company.

As a Substitute for Weekly Meetings –

Weekly meetings are a staple for most businesses, but it requires everyone to be available and present at a predetermined time and place.  Employees working abroad or from home can find themselves excluded from such meetings.  Replacing your meeting with a webinar can communicate weekly goals while allowing employees to view them when their schedule permits.  In addition, these webinars are stored so they can be replayed if clarification is needed.

Teach Company Software –

It can be frustrating for IT personnel to guide employees through software updates and to resolve internal issues over the phone.  Instead of hunting through support articles or making personal requests regarding common issues, employees can watch solution webinars recorded by your support team.

Providing Product Demonstrations to Sales Staff –

Sales supervisors or product managers can use webinars to document the features and common applications of new products.  These can be made accessible to sales staff so they can sell the product more effectively.

Product Tutorials for Customers –

Companies can make product tutorials available to current or prospective clients.  These webinars can detail specific product features, tips and tricks, and instructions in a way that’s easy for customers to understand.

An Online HR Handbook –

An online HR “handbook” webinar will allow employees to learn about specific company policies in an easy-to-reference fashion.  Not only will this make company policies more accessible and comprehensible, it will eliminate the need to print a copy for each employee.

An Alternative to Social Media Marketing –

Webinars can be posted on public company portals or social media sites as a form of low-cost marketing.  Essentially, you can create a commercial for your product, service, or company at a fraction of the production cost while bypassing traditional advertising fees.

With these simple but effective methods, you can improve the way your company does business and enhance your bottom line.

Source: http://bit.ly/vUXIwa